Liquid Filter Media manufactured by BinNova Microfiltration GmbH in our plant in Rudolstadt/Thuringia are made for hydraulic and large transmission filter systems as well as for lube oil and fuel filtration applications.

It is our competence to provide high-performance Liquid Filter Media you can trust. We market a variety of liquid filter media grades ranging from 3 to 50 μm, but also develop custom-designed filter media made of either pure glass microfibers, glasssynthetic fiber mixtures and synthetic fibers. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology we are able to produce Liquid Filter Media consisting of two different fiber mixtures upstream and downstream (Dual Phase Liquid Filter Media) to provide long life at high filtration efficiencies.

With our Dual Phase Liquid Filter Media manufacturing technology we are able to boost filter performance such as dust holding capacity or air permeability.
By equipping the felt side (pre-filter) with pure synthetic fibers, BinNova Dual Phase Liquid Filter Media do have a protection layer without further lamination with a synthetic scrim.

With synthetic fibers in the main-filter and in-situ thermal bonding BinNova Dual Phase Filter Media with a support layer are available, which are easy to pleat or process. Synthetic fibers in the main-filter layer prevent glass fibers from moving downstream (no glass release!).

In order to develop exactly the Liquid Filter Media which fits best to our customer’s application, we care about media characterization.
With our modern laboratories and measurement devices we are able to test filter media according to ISO 16889, ISO 19438 and ISO 4548-12.